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“Do everything with love and sincere, then happiness will surely be achieved”

Struggled with palsied legs led him to discover more about the healing journey in the past 20 years. Kundalini Tantra Yoga was the first step I took. 

Through the process of devoting myself to the practice, I found this practice is radically shifted my life for the better. 

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Charlotta Hoogenhuizen set out on a spiritual path in Tibetan Buddhism in her early ’20s but her spiritual and life-changing journey began when she found her spiritual home and teachers in Bali, Indonesia. For more than 12 years she was doing the spiritual practice without Yoga Asana (yoga postures) and as a result, held a lot of physical blocks in her body and lacked confidence in general. After incorporating Yoga Asana into her daily life since 2009, it was unthinkable for her to live her life without incorporating all aspects of yoga with her spiritual practice, and she also believes it was with the blessings received from the Guru that my whole life was transformed, both inside and out.


Born in a farmer family, Artha might be the poorest of them all, but he was taught to be rich in knowledge. Having a carpenter grandfather, little Artha was getting used to listening to his lecture about Itihasa, the collection of great Hinduism stories such as Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Purana, whilst his grandfather focused to craft a block of wood, and little Artha sits on the woven coconut, mesmerized by the lesson. He grew up keeping his grandfather's lesson of Itihasa in his mind, heart, and soul that inspired him to do what he does right now.

In the first encounter with Master Ketut Arsana, Artha felt like he was drawn back to his dreams being called out by a holy man wearing a white-yellow silk robe and having a long gray beard. That holy man seems to be Master Ketut Arsana who might be the answer to his inner conflict, the teacher of his life, and guiding him to discover his true self. Deep inside, Artha knew he has been connected to Master Ketut Arsana a long time ago. He believes that everything that happens is not a coincidence, “It's a promise in the past life”, he said. And they have made a promise to meet each other again in this life to help each other.

Under Master Ketut Arsana's guidance, Artha was faithfully practicing yoga and finding healing in it. As he suffers from an illness, he regains his health through Kundalini Tantra Yoga. Since then, he becomes unstoppable to practice more and improve his yoga training. According to him, Kundalini Tantra Yoga is one of the yoga that has the least injury effect; it's not a yoga that makes you freeze for quite long, or it's not even the acrobatic one, showing performance and toughness. It's yoga that made you see through yourself and understanding what your body desires; effortlessly flowing movement with constant breathing, attracts a lot of oxygen, helping your body to move flexibly. Having a large amount of oxygen runs through your veins, make you live tirelessly.

He motivates himself to practice yoga every single day without an excuse. He is one of the Yoga teachers of Kundalini Tantra Yoga at Om Ham Corporate and inspires others to do the same. It heals him from the inside and makes him appreciate his life even more.

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His journey of finding a Guru began when his wife suffered from endless sickness of black magic. The couple searched for healing somewhere in Ubud, and Agung ended up following the healer for more than a year, accompanying his wife for her treatment. However, he didn't feel quite right with the concept offered, so he wanted to leave that organization. Right when he wanted to leave, they invited Master Ketut Arsana to give a seminar that changes Agung's life forever.
Captivated by Master Ketut Arsana's point of view in healing and spirituality, made Agung wanted to learn more from him. His strongest desire shaped into an action when Master Ketut Arsana did his blessing ritual for him. Hearing the spell "Om Namah Shivaya" for the first time, Agung suddenly burst into tears. His tongue numb, his throat choked, he literally can't say a word. His body totally paralyzed. Agung was loaded by so many different emotions all at once. Because he knew he has found his answer, his Guru.
Being recalled by Master Ketut Arsana’s face over and over again, it's like they had met somewhere in the past. And as Artha experienced, Agung has experienced the same. There is a strong connection that draws him to go back to Master Ketut Arsana. Agung then took a leap to visit him at his Ashram, and he never stopped to visit there since that.
Having a Guru who has been well-known as a master of Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Agung felt the necessity to learn yoga. He will be embarrassed if he can't do yoga meanwhile, he is a student of such a huge yoga figure in Ubud. Agung started to practice yoga under the guidance of other bhaktas such as Mina, Charlotte, and Artha. He became fond of yoga and built confidence in teaching yoga.
Yoga, as other teachers experienced, has healed Agung from the inside. He is barely sick. He said he used to get the flu or cough at least once a month. But, since he practices, he never gets sick. And what most important for Agung is his duty to his Guru already fulfilled and he keeps his Guru's legacy till now, spreading it to others through teaching Kundalini Tantra Yoga.

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