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Created by Master Ketut Arsana, Kundalini Tantra Yoga is inspired by the tantric art of Balinese living, combined with dynamic and constant breathing. He wants everyone who joins his yoga to be happy without a feeling to rush to master all the poses. He said that you will know when you get into the right pose, your body will tell you how. If your focus is just on the pose without feeling your body's needs, your body will easily become stressed. As a result, you will feel the pain in the process of practicing yoga and afterward, not only physically but also mentally, because your mind is being pressured to perform the right pose. He doesn’t want you to be stressed in doing his yoga because the aim of his yoga is to release stress such as muscle tension and physical and mental stress at the same time.


We are always having emotional conflicts on a day-to-day basis whether we have issues with our family or relatives, with our job, government, environment, and so on, realise it or not, they are there.  Dealing with anger, annoyance, envy, jealousy, hatred and becomes stored in your body such as your organs, stomach, heart and your mind. This is damaging your body and your spirit and can make you become depressed and stressed. Experiencing all those negativities makes you sick both physically and mentally. More than 80% of illness comes from mental disturbances, only 20% of that comes from purely physical illness. This could be a combination of built-up stress over time or emotional stress is hindering our ability to heal from illnesses. Master Ketut Arsana believes that healing can be done by yourself alone, you have the capacity and power to heal yourself. And his yoga is trying to teach you how to control it and find the strength within yourself. 


The first thing that you do is to release your emotional burdens. When you’re stressed or anxious, your breathing tends to be irregular and shallow. When you're happy and practice deeper breathing or conscious breathing this enables more air to flow into your body and can help calm your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety. It can also help you improve your attention span and lower pain levels. Through this, your body will become more flexible, light and strong due to the amount of oxygen and prana that flows in your body. Your body will move and flow with you and be happy to move without thinking of the pose. Burn all the toxins and negative experiences you’ve stored in your body such as your organs, your joints, etc. You will be more peaceful and happy in your body, mind, and spirit. Eventually, you can have a clearer mind and a steady emotional state. Master Ketut Arsana also believes that prana will be forced to move to Sushumna if you let your body tell you how to move and constantly practice then this can awaken your Kundalini, awaken your great potential.

the Benefits

Yoga Session

Release Emotion

Since a child we have stored and accumulated as well as recorded experiences and activities from life; whether it is positive or negative, behaviors, thoughts, also are recorded and replayed in our life over and over again. These experiences recorded in the body, such as anger, jealousy, greed, ego, sadness, depression, etc, become a blueprint of the quality of each individual life.

However, this energetic blueprint is what will be burnt through Kundalini Tantra Yoga. The cleansing process will take place and emotions will balance according to your will, chakras will awaken, the divine energy will transform the body and mind, freeing you from old conditioning, allowing new behavior, thinking, and ideas, and then you will become more intelligent, receptive, and flexible in mind and body.

Mother and Daughter Yoga

Through certain movements and poses in yoga you can produce enough white blood cells and distribute them to the other parts of our body. The practitioner gains two strengths, white and red blood cells which together create rejuvenation, good health, and strengthen your body. When you let your body take over you, you will move in a place where you can go beyond physicality. 

Strengthen Your Body

Kundalini Tantra Yoga practice will help to rejuvenate and strengthen your body as it has a positive effect on the muscles and joints and can produce synovial which is the lubricant for joints. Besides that, strength training stabilises muscle elasticity. Moving the pelvis and the spine and enhanced with diaphragmatic breathing the energy flows from your base to your crown. 

Performing Handstand

Become More Active

When you are really connected with your body through Kundalini Tantra Yoga, you will become more wise and know how much you should eat, what you have to do, how to improve yourself and how to move in your life which is of course according to your ‘will’.  When your ‘will’  is connected to the ‘divine will’, means all your actions will be blessed. This type of person will be able to perform more tasks, achieve more goals because they have more energy flowing through, they will be happy and their motivation for action is pure.


When our body & energy is balanced and aligned with the divine, with nature and within ourselves all the knowledge will come from inside us, not from memory but from the eternal spirit (Atman), and this comes from the heart (not the mind). Our inner being or Atman requires support, as we are living beings in this world where there are always things coming from the outside such as wrong food, toxins, pollution, negativities and so on. So Atman needs to be supported through cleansing, staying emotionally balanced, spiritual food for the soul, maintaining a healthier lifestyle with less stress and building our subtle energy and kundalini power. When the atman opens but kundalini is not active, it will be like a motorbike engine without oil; it is there, but doesn’t go anywhere. We need energy and consciousness, not just consciousness and not just energy, we need to have both in balance and aligned. So, when Kundalini energy is rising, it will help and encourage the individual to move forward, to expand their awareness, abilities, lifes purpose & function. 

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